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Parques de Farellones: Mountain Fun

30 mayo, 2019

A great Mini Park with many fun activities for the young ones in the family is one of the news for this 2019: The country’s only mountain amusement park, Parques de Farellones.

Only 40 minutes away from Santiago you can find one of the more fun options for the family this winter season 2019. The mountain amusement park, Parques de Farellones, invites children and grownups to participate in different activities, especially thought for those who have never had the chance to visit the snow-covered mountains. 

“This season we will invite all the family to enjoy snow not only skiing, because today in Parques we aim at being the only mountain amusement park for the whole family. We hope to continue offering fun and amusement to families, and we invite you to come, share and have fun at the canopy, bicycle and sleigh circuit, among other activities. All of it thought to make mountain an unforgettable experience, beyond skiing and snowboarding”, said José Pablo García, Commercial Director.

Parques de Farellones’ news includes a Ski and Snowboard School for beginners, considered Chile’s largest one.

The two-circuit canopy with five simultaneous lines of up to 540 meters, one of a kind in Chile, will for sure be one of the most requested attractions by visitors who will also find wider runs, to enjoy them not only while skiing but also with the new fat bikes and sleighs that will become this season’s main attractions.

Mini Park for the youngest ones will for sure be a space for all members of the family to enjoy 100% at Parques de Farellones.

The Food Trucks area, which offers a new food alternative at very convenient rates to enjoy all day long, will have new service points.

For this season, when we expect to receive about 150 thousand visitors, ticket will have a single price of Ch$30,000 p/p with the chance to access all Park’s attractions  For only Ch$45,000, you can have access to that same general ticket, but with 2 hours of group ski lessons and ski equipment rental. This year we will implement the kids’ ticket: Children between 1 and 1.20 meters will pay Ch$15,000. Children below 99 cm enter for free, and the rest of them pay normally. Top sponsors will continue joining us this year and will also provide discount tickets at the entrance.

Parques de Farellones is the first snow amusement park in Chile, ideal for those who want to enjoy the mountain with an alternative to ski, with more dynamic family activities, and not necessarily being a ski expert.


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