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Cruce Andino: Not only a Trip but a Journey that you must experience in Wintertime

30 mayo, 2019

Did you know that there are more than 43 border crossing points between Argentina and Chile? Yes, more than 43! Among them, there is the Cardenal Samoré Crossing Point, which connects the cities of Puerto Varas and Bariloche, with a 400,000 passengers flow per year.

However, at least one of them is exclusive, amazing, and within the same region! That is the Vicente Pérez Rosales Border Crossing Point, known as Cruce Andino (Andean Crossing Point), a route that goes through two National Parks between Puerto Varas and Bariloche, sailing across 3 lakes through The Andes. There you will see Peulla, an eco village known as a sustainable destination, surrounded by volcanoes, and the magical Puerto Blest, surrounded by mountains, cascades, lakes and rivers, in the middle of the Valdivian Rain Forest. Both offer a spectacular scenario to stay overnight and enjoy this remote nature before reaching your final destination.

These are the advantages of our journey!


❆ Bi-national Route: Connects Chile and Argentina through the Andean Lakes, in a circuit that takes you to breathtaking destinations.

❆ National Parks: The route connects you to 2 national parks, Vicente Pérez Rosales in Chile and Nahuel Huapi in Argentina.

❆ No rush: We recommend making the most out of the trip by sleeping overnight in the middle of the trip: Villa Peulla and Puerto Blest. Enjoy the ecotourism activities offered by these destinations.

❆ Customs and migrations: We have an exclusive customs for our passengers.

❆ Comfort: We drop you at the urban downtown of both cities.

❆ We carry your luggage: During the whole trip our company becomes in charge of the luggage, which travels duly protected in special containers.

❆ No minimum passengers: Up to 1 passenger can travel, between January 1st and December 31st.


In order to promote winter journeys and because rides back are a second chance to enjoy the natural beauties of the Lakes Region, at Cruce Andino, you get to ride back for free! At a special price of US$190 pp for Chileans/Argentineans and, US$240 pp for passengers of other nationalities; sailing off from Puerto Varas to Bariloche, everyone has a free ride back to Puerto Varas.


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