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National Park Fray Jorge prepares for an astro-tourism photography marathon

28 agosto, 2018

On Septembre 8, 2018 in more than 25 locations across the the globe the 3rd Photography Marathon M-Starnight will take place. The competition seeks out the best astronomy-related images taken on Starlight reserves. On of the latter is in Chile and it is called Parque Nacional Fray Jorge or Fray Jorge National Park. It is located in northern Chile un the Region of Coquimbo.


The Photo-taking Marathon has the main activity and aims to enjoy, share and compete in some of the most fascinating natural spaces on the planet. The nocturnal locations have been chosen for their location and privileged features, places that have skies free of light pollution suitable for observing the sky.


Next, we leave you a list with all the activities designed for this day:


Official Activities M-Starnight Marathon (free)

Astronomical, Gastronomic and EcoCultural Fair in Peral Ojo de Agua Community


Astronomical, Gastronomic and EcoCultural Fair in Peral Ojo de Agua Community

In the community court, the Ecocultural Fair will be held with 20 positions of producers and artisans of Peral Ojo de Agua and neighboring towns, sponsoring agencies and tourist actors.

Date: Saturday, September 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Magisterial Talk «Fray Jorge National Park, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Starlight»

Specialist of CONAF will give a masterful talk about the evolution of the National Park Fray Jorge, its conservation objectives and the declaration of it as a UNESCO Reserve and Starlight.

Date: Saturday, September 8, 12:30 hrs


Magisterial Talk: «Astrobiology: A bridge between the Big Bang and Life»


The marine biologist, seasoned taxonomist and naturalist Víctor Pasten, will delight us with an amazing talk where he will teach the origins of life on earth and the influences of the cosmos on the formation of our planet.

Date: Saturday Saturday, September 8, 3:30 p.m.


Talk «The Secret History of Astronomy in the Coquimbo Region»


From La Serena, one of the greatest specialists and amateurs of Astronomy in the Coquimbo Region, Jorge Fernández, Coordinator and Head of Dissemination of the Mayu Observatory, will dictate an attractive talk that will teach the hidden history of Astronomy in the Coquimbo Region, along with the most important astronomical discoveries in local observatories.

Date: Saturday, September 8, 4:30 p.m.


In addition to these free activities, tours and lectures will be available to participants after payment of registration:




«Telescopes, Cameras and Astrophotography».


«Once upon a time there was a Green Microcosm».


«Discovering the world through the eyes of Águila».


«Astronomical Tour Peral Ojo de Agua»


More details availablhere here (in Spanish) 


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