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The Telegram: Ecotourism venture in Chile inspired by rural Newfoundland and Labrador

20 julio, 2018

The reinvigoration of rural areas of Newfoundland and Labrador in recent years has inspired a new ecotourism venture — in Chile.


Foothills Hiking Chile operator Elizabeth Noseworthy is a retired teacher from Mount Pearl who has started the ecotourism hiking packages in her new home of Puente Negro, in central Chile.


“We’ve done a good job here in Newfoundland in some communities,” said Noseworthy, mentioning areas such as Bonavista and Fogo Island.


“They’ve really saved their communities through tourism.”


In an area of Chile that faces struggles similar to those in rural Newfoundland, she hopes to do the same.


Noseworthy spent most of her adult life working as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher and curriculum development specialist, both in this province and around the world. Her work took her to Vietnam, Qatar, Mexico and finally Chile.


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