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The Santiago Times: Chile and Argentina agree to jointly promote tourism in Asian countries

11 junio, 2018

The Santiago Times published an article of the contract between Chile and Argentina, which means promoting these two countries in Asian countries. For example traveling to these two countries will be much easier for Asian tourists than before.


BUENOS AIRES – The undersecretary of Tourism of Chile, Mónica Zalaquett and the Tourism Minister of Argentina, Gustavo Santos, signed an agreement to promote Chile and Argentina jointly in faraway destinations, such as Asian countries.


The initiative considers “actions in matters of public-private collaboration, with the clear objective of promoting the promotion and strengthening of bilateral tourist relations.”


The document contemplates advancing in the integrated management of border crossings, with the objective of facilitating the transit of tourists between both countries. Also, it will seek to implement joint value visas, to enable a visa system that allows foreigners from third countries, after having obtained an Argentine or Chilean visa, to visit both destinations indistinctly.


Another action will be the development and promotion of integrated tourist circuits, with special emphasis on the altiplanic zone and in Patagonia.




Read the complete article here.


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